by Village Of Weedville

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Punk Rock with slight hints of southern rock


released July 4, 2014

Duane Rollick- Guitars, Vocals
Ronnie Dintaman- Bass
Sonny Joe Harlan- Drums



all rights reserved


Village Of Weedville Atlanta, Georgia

contact Sonny Joe Harlan on Facebook for any info on Village Of Weedville. Thanks.

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Track Name: Southbound And Down
Fuck my family / I hate my friends / This is the beginning of the road that never ends / Get it on / get it on/ fuck the world, no right or wrong/ going home / No hope/ Southbound and down, down, down we go.
Going to psyche ward / going to jail / going to rehab/ and going to hell / in the city, in the sticks/ DUI, looking for a fix / going home, no hope / Southbound and down, down, down, we go / Kiss my grits / round of shots/ ice cold beer/ doctor shopping/ for my friends, again and again, living for the end.
Track Name: Drink, Dance, Stand, Yell!
Baby likes to stay out late and loves to fight
She stagger , crawl, and bar room brawl with all her might
Its just the way it is-- damn sure right
Drink Dance Stand Yell!
I got a life to live it up and yeah I will
I pay my dues and let the ladies pay my bills
Its just the way it is and always will
Drink Dance Stand Yell!!
The world is getting bigger, man, and I'm feeling small
A swig and a line made me 10 feet tall
Its just the way it is, fuck all y'all
Drink Dance Stand Yell!
Track Name: She Eats Pussy
Hair pie , muff, poontang, can't get enough
She eats pussy
Hamburg, cheesburg, BLT, furburg
She eats pussy
Hoecake, grits, sweet tea, juleps
Hair pie, muff, poontang, can't get enough
She eats pussy
Track Name: Close As I Get
I got beer, cocaine, and a TV set
Nickels and dimes, money well spent
I ain't a rich man, but that's as close as I get
I got a woman at home, she's gonna pay my rent
She got a ride and a phone, I said, "you better, you bet"
I ain't in love, but that's as close as I get
I ain't gonna go til I'm ready and set
But when I'm gone, you'll never ever forget
I ain't even close, but that's as close as I get
Track Name: I Wouldn't Lie
My poor mama used to drink like a man with no regrets
She dried out, straightened out her act just in time to drop dead
It ain't fair, I swear, I wouldn't lie
So come on!
Daddy worked 32 years in the factory breaking his back
Gave it all up just to live a little life and had a heart attack
It ain't fair, I swear, I wouldn't lie
So come on!
Hey man, listen to me and live it up, you might as well
'cause god dammit, you're still gonna die, you're still gonna go to hell
It ain't fair, I swear, I wouldn't lie
So come on!
Track Name: John Boy Billy Jack Boyd-Legrande
John Boy Billy Jack Boyd-Legrande
He lives a life of sin
From the driver's seat of a 1974 Javelin
John Boy Jack is coming, riding fighting fit
With a bottle of Jack Daniels and a joint between his lips
John Boy Billy Jack Boyd-Legrande
He quit school in 10th grade
Still hanging round in that parking lot getting drunk and getting laid
John Boy Jack is coming, fire in his veins
He's come to take the children, hallowed be the name
John Boy Billy Jack Boyd-Legrande
No shame and not a care
He'll never tell the truth, he'll never take the dare
Never had a penny, never wondered why
You'll hear him screaming all the way to heaven when he dies
Track Name: Molly, Marshall, and Lynyrd
Nights get long, life goes on
When the good times have all gone away
The women get old, my heart grows cold
And I give up on tomorrow today
But I ain't depressed, can't feel the stress
Somehow I think it'll be ok
And I'll come around when that sweet southern sound
Answers for all that I pray
I'm always chasing the next woman
Never thinking about the last
If I ain't got no future, babe
Then I won't regret my past
I'm laughing with a 5th of whiskey
Not crying in my beer
Molly Marshall and Lynyrd, babe,
Are the only friends I hold near and dear

I try not to think, it drives me to drink
Til there ain't no right or no wrong
Well, life isn't fair and I can't say I care
When I'm singing a sweet southern song
The good lord knows my highs and my lows
Lows are getting higher everyday
But I will be high til the day that I die
And I just might be here to stay

Lost my friends, but I didn't lose them all
Present company is here in my favorite song
I still got some drink, I still got some time
Still got my records, so you best believe that I'm still
Chasing the next woman......